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When you are in need of a quick loan, we've got you covered! Mr. Payday has been helping Canadian families with their short term loan needs since 2002.

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Why Should You Get A Loan From Mr. Payday?

Credible Lender

Mr. Payday has been a trusted lender  since 2002

  Exceptional Customer Service

If you need help, our customer service agents are here for you

High Approval Rate

We work  hard to get every single application approved

Fast Funding

Get money in minutes*. You will usually receive funds in 30 minutes*

Completely Paperless

Forget about faxing documents. That's a stone age technology

Online, Easy Secure

Our loan application is secure and easy to complete

Need a Payday Loan – The Fast and Easy Way? Trusted by Thousands! In Business since 2002!

Get the payday loan you want and need – faster and easier than ever before – from a totally RELIABLE and FRIENDLY lender! At Mr. PayDay, you’ll enjoy fast, convenient service from a lender with INTEGRITY and a FLAWLESS REPUTATION for honesty, fairness, and a “customer-first” approach to business.

You won’t necessarily find that at other less-established and less-reputable “payday loan” businesses that have recently sprung up. But we’ve been in business for over 10 years, and we have tens of thousands of Canadians who regularly rely on us when they need a quick loan to cover their expenses until payday. With offices to serve you in Calgary and Edmonton, we’re the convenient source to turn to.

 We’re also a safe lender to apply with.

You see, these days there are a lot of payday loan websites on the Internet. But did you know that many if not most are not direct lenders, but rather “affiliates” who then sell your FINANCIAL INFORMATION to unknown third parties. This has been a major source of IDENTITY THEFT that law enforcement is so concerned about these days. Therefore, you should never apply for an online payday loan unless you can verify the SSL certificate and a Payday Loan License number from the Government. At Mr. Payday, we have all the proper certification and licenses – because we’ve been in busy steadily since 2002. What’s more…

 We are a “direct lender”

 That means we never share your information with anyone else. We keep everything in-house and strictly private, because you are our customer – not someone else’s. Furthermore, applying for a payday loan through Mr. Payday assures you that your application will be processed in a rapid, timely manner. No extra or unnecessary “channels” to go through. Because we keep it all “in house” –this works out better for speed and security.

 The bottom line? Your payday loan gets deposited directly into your bank account!

No more waiting days for an answer, or waiting to get processed and approved. We’re the fastest and easiest source you can choose! Cash advances are our specialty. Because when you need it, you NEED it! Now! We understand that, which is why we’ve streamlined our entire system to make the process “lightning fast”…!

Funds will get deposited into your bank account in as little as 30 minutes!*

 What’s more, we offer the most competitive rates possible among payday loan providers. You’ll love our pain-free, hassle-free approval process. We have a 99% approval rate – because we work with hard-working, honest people like you who just need a little extra cash in between paychecks. It doesn’t matter. To us, you are credit-worthy even if you have “bad credit” or you’ve been turned down by banks and other financial institutions and lenders. We’re here to help – because that’s what we DO!

Mr. Payday is the best source for your payday loan!

 We’re here to help – because that’s what we DO! You don’t even need to “fax” anything! It’s all done online – so that it’s FAST, SECURE, and TROUBLE-FREE.

Here’s how it works…

First, you simply need to meet our basic requirements:

 • You must be employed for at least 3 consecutive months with the same employer
 • You must have a chequing account
 • You must have your paycheque directly deposited into your bank account and have an active phone number that you can be reached at

 That’s it. We take it from there. In fact, we have a very personalized approach to your situation – unlike the major financial institutions. We don’t look at your credit score or credit payment history. We realize that not everyone has “stellar” credit these days. In fact, most people don’t!

So we’re here to help you get past those “crunch” times in life.

Plus, once you become a valued customer, you have the opportunity to apply for future payday loans within seconds! All our customers also enjoy (and appreciate) our “no-fax” loan processing option. We make it as simple as filling out a form straight from your computer, clicking a few buttons, and away we go!

 There’s not another payday loan service like ours.

 That’s why, in “search” engine terms, most people find us when they use these search terms: Best Online Payday Loans Provider

 That pretty much sums up our sincere, honest business of getting you the money you need when you need it! Right now – not a few days from now. In just 30 minutes, you could have the money you need – in your hands. What will that do for you? What can it help you with right now? How will it change your LIFE? Only you know the answers to those questions. But we know one thing: If you want the best experience, click the button below, right now…

 Remember: We’re here to help – because that’s all we DO!


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